Ep. 33- Swirl Society Founder Lisa Landers

This week on Under the Influence Podcast, Whitney Eckis welcomes Owner and Curator of Swirl BoutiqueLisa Landers. Lisa is a stylist, content creator, founder of the Lisa Landers society, all in addition to being the owner and curator of Swirl Boutique. Lisa shares the story behind Swirl, and how she's genuine connections to grow her following. Listen to hear the hottest trends, what Bravo's housewives been buying, and what's next for Swirl Boutique. 

This week on Under The Influence podcast!

( :01 ): Hi everyone, this is Whitney Eckis. Welcome back to Under The Influence Podcast. Whitney thanks fans for listening. This week we are joined by Lisa Landers.


( 1:40  ): Whitney asks: “Tell us about how you started Swirl, what’s the story?”

( 3:02 ): Whitney asks: “Tell us about your brand partnerships?”

( 5:45 ): Whitney asks: “What was the passion behind you wanting to go into fashion?”  

( 6:57): Whitney asks: “Who was somebody who was a really big influence on you when you started this business?”

(8:18 ): Whitney asks: “When you think about the girl who shops at Swirl Boutique, do you have somebody in mind?”

( 9:51 ): Whitney asks: “What’s it like working with influential people (like Amanda Stanton and Emily Simpson, Chantelle Page)?”

( 11:15 ): Whitney asks: “If someone wanted to start their own online or in-store boutique what are some tips you’d offer for them?”

( 14:11): Whitney asks: “Tell us about how you’ve grown your social media following?”

( 18:40 ): Whitney asks: “Now you are launching Swirl Society, which is the really cool club, tell us about that?”

( 19:51 ): Whitney asks: “So tell us about the grand opening (your third location)?”

( 25:01 ): Whitney asks: “What ways do you feel like you can positively impact your audience on social media?”

( 27:00 ): Whitney asks: “What are some recent trends you are obsessing over?”

( 31:00 ): Whitney asks: “Favorite Instagram to stalk?”

( 31:34 ): Whitney asks: “Favorite Influencers??”

( 32:00 ): Whitney asks: “What is your go-to self love practice?”

( 34:13 ): Whitney asks: “What is your favorite weird fashion trend?”

( 36:17 ): Whitney asks: “What is your favorite cocktail?”

( 38:01 ): Whitney asks: “What is your favorite reality TV?”

( 40:24 ): Whitney asks: “What’s your favorite podcast?”

( 42:45): What does influence mean to you?

Thank you for going Under the Influence with us Lisa Landers!

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