Ep. 2 - Becca Booker from According to BBooks

Episode #2 // Becca Booker

This week on Under The Influence podcast!

( :48 ): Hi everyone, this is Whitney Eckis. Welcome back to Under The Influence podcast. This week we’re joined by Becca Booker. Becca owns an amazing boutique, social media marketing agency, and a lifestyle blog. She focuses primarily on social media management based advertising. Welcome Becca to the show!

( 1:16 ): Becca Booker joins in. Whitney asks Becca to explain “BBooks”.


( 4:20 ): Whitney asks: “Explain the Pinterest game.”

( 6:30 ): Whitney asks: “What are your top three tips to grow on Pinterest?”

( 8:13 ): Whitney asks: “How do you feel like your are leveraging Pinterest to drive this traffic to your website?”

( 10:18 ): Whitney asks: “What does influence mean to you?”

( 11:34 ): Whitney asks: “What are some ways influencers can build trust?”

( 14:17 ): Whitney asks: “What is the passion/drive behind your business?”

( 17:55 ): Whitney asks: “How can businesses and brands be involved in their community?”

( 20:40 ): Whitney asks: “Who is your favorite influencer?”

( 22:16 ): Whitney asks: “What is your favorite Instagram to stalk right now?”

( 23:35 ): Whitney asks: “What is your favorite self love wellness practice?”

( 25:38 ): Whitney asks: “Do you have any wellness practices that you practice on a daily/weekly basis?”

( 26:20 ): Whitney asks: “What are some of your favorite podcasts that you are listening too?”

( 28:21 ): Whitney asks: “Who is your favorite Kardashian?”

( 29:27 ): Whitney asks: “What is your favorite awful reality TV show?”

( 30:22 ): Whitney asks: “What is your go-to cocktail?”

( 31:33 ): Whitney asks: “What is your favorite brand of vodka?”

( 31:58 ): Whitney asks: “What are some awesome new apps/programs that you are obsessed with?”

( 35:40 ): Whitney asks: “What is your favorite social media hack?”



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