Ep 44- Cool Off With Natasha Case

This week on  Under the Influence Podcast, we're cooling off as summer winds down with Founder of Coolhaus, Natasha Case.    Whitney dives in with this self proclaimed "farchitect".Natasha works as CEO, creating new products, designing merchandise and packaging, running the marketing department, building new relationships and innovating ideas that keep Coolhaus on top of its game as expansion continues. Listen as they discuss the brilliant launch (during 2009 Coachella),  and creation of Coolhaus, an awesome ice cream brand that has grown from a broken down ice cream truck to be sold in over 7,500+ grocery stores, the motivation behind the brand, the summer that changed everything, and how this boss babe grew her brand to a multi-million dollar business.

The Unique Launch of Coolhaus

Evolving As A Founder And Business Leader

Storytelling For Your Brand 

Creating Organic Connections That Are Mutually Beneficial For Your Brand