Ep-35 Eating Cute with Alexandra Catalano

This week on Under the Influence Podcast, Whitney Eckis welcomes Alexandra Catalano, an LA based nutritionist, two time TEDx speaker, author and creator of the popular lifestyle brand Eat Cute.

Alex and Whitney dish on favorite recipes, ways to implement "eat cute" philosophy, and the inspiration behind Alex's mission to inspire people everywhere to enhance their health by tapping into local resources. 

This week on Under The Influence podcast!

( :01 ): Hi everyone, this is Whitney Eckis. Welcome back to Under The Influence Podcast. Whitney thanks fans for listening. This week we are joined by Alexandra Catalano.


( 2:21 ): Whitney asks: “You’re a wellness architect, you’ve been doing this for how many years again?”

(2:33 ): Whitney asks: “How did you come up with eat cute, how did you come up with the terminology wellness architect and what started all this?” 

(5:40): Whitney asks: “So tell me about how this change impacted your life for the better?”  

(6:46): Whitney asks: “Tell me about how you built this brand...how did you get where you are now?”

(10:01): Whitney asks: “What’s your biggest tip for someone that wants to start a brand?”

( 11:16 ): Whitney asks: “Do you have a mission statement?”

( 11:52 ): Whitney asks: “Tell me how you see your brand influencing and impacting your audience?”

( 13:35): Whitney asks: “Tell me how brands could be a better influence on their community?”

( 14:38 ): Whitney asks: “What made you want to become a motivational speaker?”

( 16:09 ): Whitney asks: “What topics do you speak on, how do you like to motivate your audience?”

( 17:02 ): Whitney asks: “Can you share some of your tips...let’s start with food?”

(18:25): Whitney asks: “What about meal prepping, are you a fan of that- tell me about that?”

( 20:14 ): Whitney asks: “What’s a good tip for someone just starting out on their wellness journey?”

( 26:03 ): Whitney asks: “How do you assess your clients needs through virtual coaching?”

( 27:50 ): Whitney asks: “Tell us about that, how did you come across that (no sugar diet)?”

(31:20): Whitney asks: “There are so many diets...how do you go about picking out a diet that fits your lifestyle, or how do you know which one is going to work for you?”

( 35:35 ): Whitney asks: “How do you go about ingredients, what are some things you look for in a packaged product?”

( 38:13 ): Whitney asks: “Tell me your top 3 favorite things to make?”

( 44:16 ): Whitney asks: “What’s your favorite instagram to stalk?”

( 44:58): Whitney asks: “What is something he’s shown you or taught you that you’re obsessed with?”

(46:48): Whitney asks: “What is your go to self love practice?”

(48:43): Whitney asks: “What is your go to cocktail or mocktail?”

( 49:49 ): Whitney asks: “What is your favorite reality tv show/guilty pleasure show?”

( 50:40 ): Whitney asks: “What is your favorite podcast”

( 54:35): Whitney asks: “What about your favorite business owner?”


Thank you for going Under the Influence with us Alexandra Catalano