EP 23 - Beauty Bar Chocolate

This week on Under The Influence podcast!


( :01 ): Hi everyone, this is Whitney Eckis. Welcome back to Under The Influence podcast. Whitney thanks fans for listening. This week we are joined by Candice who is the owner and creator of Beauty Bar Chocolate.

( 1:43 ): Whitney Introduces Candice.


( 2:06 ): Whitney asks: “What is the story behind Beauty Bar Chocolate?”

“I have to do it” - Candice

( 8:20 ): Whitney asks: “What is the drive behind all that passion?”

( 10:30 ): Whitney asks: “Tell me a little bit about having a product in the social media space and really doing business there.”

“People forget the value of showing up and shaking hands” - Whitney

( 16:30  ): Whitney asks: “Tell me your thoughts on the whole influencer movement/ marketing from a business owners perspective.”

( 19:50 ): Whitney asks: “What do you think influence means in your own words.”

( 21:00 ): Whitney asks: “From a brand perspective, what ways do you feel your brand influences the social media community.”

( 24:30 ): Whitney asks: “What is the best piece of advice you have ever gotten as far as business goes?”

“People smell it a mile away if you are just trying to do something for money.” - Candice

( 38:18 ): Whitney asks: “What is your favorite cocktail?”

( 41:55 ): Whitney asks: “What is your favorite reality tv show”

( 43:00 ): Whitney asks: “What are some podcasts that you are listening to?”

( 44:05 ): Whitney asks: “What is your favorite weirdest fashion trend right now?”

( 44:50 ): Whitney asks: “Who is your favorite influencer/ business owner that you look to for inspiration?”

Thank you for going Under the Influence with us Candice!

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