Ep 47- Newsworthy Influence With San Diego Fox 5 News' Heather Lake

This week on Under the Influence Podcast, Whitney is joined by San Diego's Fox5 Lifestyle reporter, Heather Lake. Listen as they discuss the impact social media has had on her career in news media. Listen as they talk about Heather’s insane schedule as a morning news reporter, finding the time to run a charitable side hustle, balancing the mom life and career hustle including her self care routine and the importance of having one.

An early bird by nature, and now by choice! For the last decade Heather Lakes has been the lifestyle reporter for FOX 5 mornings, going around town in San Diego and showing off all of the latest and greatest America's finest city has to offer. She says “I love waking up this beautiful city, and always so grateful that our viewers have allowed me into their homes for this many mornings on their TV screens. I have 2 charismatic toddlers, Lucy (1) and Sebastian (3), and when I get off work, I get my entire day with them. My husband, Sean and I are total beach bums and love surfing (I'm still not good at it!) in the summers and snowboarding in the winters. We're hoping the kids catch on soon! In my spare time (there's not much) I'm training for the NYC Marathon, that will take place on Nov 3. Wish me luck!”