Ep 11 - Big Things with The Bloguettes

This week on Under The Influence podcast!

( :01 ): Hi everyone, this is Whitney Eckis. Welcome back to Under The Influence podcast. This week we’re joined by Lorena Garcia. She was the founder of the Bloguettes and Majka. She talks on how to be involved in community. Whitney shares an announcement for the future of Under the Influence podcast.

( 7:10 ): Lorena joins in. Whitney asks Lorena to share a little bit about the Bloguettes.


( 9:42 ): Whitney asks: “Can you tell us a little bit about your brand strategy?”

( 11:30 ): Whitney asks: “How do you even go about developing brands for bloggers and businesses?”

( 13:10 ): Whitney asks: “How does your consulting differ from your branding?”

( 15:11 ): Whitney asks: “What questions are the hard questions to ask for personal brands?”

( 18:50 ): Whitney asks: “What is the passion behind your drive?”

( 21:07 ): Whitney asks: “Can you tell us a little more about your audience and how you built it?”

( 25:10 ): Whitney asks: “What does influence mean to you?”

( 26:10 ): Whitney asks: “Was there one person that was highly influential during the growth of our business?”

( 27:26 ): Whitney asks: “Can you talk about being a woman in business?”

( 32:14 ): Whitney asks: “What are the ways that you know the Bloguettes benefits the community?”

( 36:20 ): Whitney asks: “How do you think other businesses and brands could positively impact their communities?”

( 37:44 ): Whitney asks: “Where do you see social media going?”

( 39:32 ): Whitney asks: “Are there any trends in the digital space that you’re obsessed with?”

( 41:00 ): Whitney asks: “What’s your favorite go to cocktail?”

( 42:09 ): Whitney asks: “Do you have any self love/wellness practices that you do daily?”

( 44:35 ): Whitney asks: “What’s your favorite awful reality TV show?”

( 45:05 ): Whitney asks: “What is your favorite podcast right now?”

( 46:07 ): Whitney asks: “Do you have a favorite Instagram to follow?”

( 46:47 ): Whitney asks: “Do you have a favorite influencer or business owner?”


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