Ep 13 - Saying Goodbye to IG

This week on Under The Influence podcast!

( :01 ): Hi everyone, this is Whitney Eckis. Welcome back to Under The Influence podcast. This week we’re joined by Vanessa Kynes, a Pinterest marketing strategist and guru.  

( 2:54 ): Vanessa joins in. Whitney asks Vanessa to tell us a little bit about how she got started.


( 4:51 ): Whitney asks: “Can you explain what a Pinterest strategy is?”

( 6:40 ): Whitney asks: “What are some big wins that you have seen from leveraging Pinterest?”

( 10:06 ): Whitney asks: “Tell us about your services that you offer to your clients?”

( 12:16 ): Whitney asks: “What are some good tips for a beginner pinner?”

( 15:10 ): Whitney asks: “What is the passion behind your drive?”

( 16:15 ): Whitney asks: “What does influence mean to you?”

( 17:21 ): Whitney asks: “Was there an influential person in your life when you were building your business?”

( 19:09 ): Whitney asks: “How do you think influencers be a positive inspiration to their audiences?”

( 22:02 ): Whitney asks: “Is there a specific charity that you like to give back too?”

( 23:17 ): Whitney asks: “What is an influential tip that you can give to our audience?”

( 26:50 ): Whitney asks: “Where do you see social media going?”

( 28:14 ): Whitney asks: “Are you obsessing over any trends right now?”

( 30:28 ): Whitney asks: “Are there any apps that you are in love with?”

( 32:03 ): Whitney asks: “What is your favorite Instagram to stalk?”

( 32:46 ): Whitney asks: “Favorite social media hack?”

( 33:12 ): Whitney asks: “Do you have a self love or wellness practice in your daily routine?”

( 35:08 ): Whitney asks: “What is your favorite cocktail?”

( 37:36 ): Whitney asks: “Are you a podcast listener?”

( 38:39 ): Whitney asks: “Do you have a favorite influencer?”


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