ABOUT the mvmt


What started as a simple brunch turned into a movement.

Whitney Eckis, founder and CEO of both Eckis Marketing and The Influence Mvmt, began her dream of partnering alongside influential entrepreneurs and brands to growth her own power of influence.

Whitney began prepping for The Influence Mvmt's first event when she quickly realized that there was a conversation that needed to be had. 

Whitney quickly turned her influencer brunch into a conference hosting over 150+ exclusive brands,


influencers, and 7 of San Diego's top influential speakers to discuss what it means to be an influencer and how to positively impact your local business community. 

Influence, San Diego reached over 5 million audiences, donated proceeds to two of San Diego's local charities and, most importantly, created a movement.


By connecting with influentials and creating an empowered community, The Influence Mvmt aims to better local communities by exploring the power of influence and how to use that power to give back to local businesses, communities, and non-profitting organizations.

The Influence Mvmt, continues to grow with it's upcoming series of conferences. The Influence Mvmt has even inspired a Podcast, Under the Influence Podcast, that chats with inspiring brands and influencers on their own take of the power of influence.